Don's Bike Center

Don's Bike Center

201 SW G St. Grants Pass, OR 97526    ♦     (541) 471-3494     ♦    M-F: 9:30-5:30  Sat: 10-4  Sun: closed

Weekly Rides:

Our weekly Tuesday evening road rides will return on March 13th. These rides begin at 5:30pm at the bike shop. They will start at approximately a 20 mile distance and a 15mph average pace and gradually increase in speed and distance. For those preferring to ride at a faster pace we will split into 2-3 different paced groups depending on the turnout. The casual group is a no drop group so if you're struggling to keep up someone will stay with you and we will periodically stop and regroup. Riders should be pretty comfortable riding in close proximity to each other and be able to hold an average speed of 15mph.

Other Rides:

–Not all of our rides will appear on this page. We also have "pick-up" rides for both road and mountain riders. These rides aren't on a set schedule so the best way to stay in the loop is to check-in with us at the shop, or to follow our facebook page. Our rides will be posted on Facebook a couple days ahead of time, and by checking in with us at the shop you can get your name on a call/email list.

–All our rides are weather dependent.

Upcoming Road Rides: